Saturday, January 22, 2005

City of Bloomington Settles Taser Case

KempLog is reporting here that the City of Bloomington has settled its part in the taser case for half a million dollars. For those who have not heard of the case, there's a good background story in the Bloomington Alternative and another report on the settlement in the Indianapolis Star. (The short of it is that a 47-year old, mentall ill man was shocked something like 6 times by a taser at the Monroe County jail. He died.)

I don't usually try to cover news, because others do it a great deal better than I ever would or could. But this awful story from my back yard deserves all the publicity it can get.

[Update]: PSoTD (Political Site of the Day) posted this summary from WolfPopper about a class action suit underway against Taser International, Inc., for securities fraud.


PSoTD said...

Just how low is the Taser stock going to go?

gt said...

I seem to recall a story about a guy who died in custody at wishard in indianapolis, of unexplained heart failure, several days after being tasered. Sorry I can't recall specifics. It didn't sound like anyone was concerned. I think that's a family that needs a lawyer.