Thursday, April 20, 2006

Feed Links for Indiana Appellate Decisions

For anyone who wants to get the links to new Indiana Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions, try dumping these two links into your feed reader.

Indiana Supreme Court Opinions

Indiana Court of Appeals Opinions

These feeds will just deliver the titles of the opinions with the links to the PDF files. (Let me know if they don't work. They've been reliable for me for a week or so now.)

There's a nifty web site out there called FeedYes at which you can make feeds for sites that have none. (I'm sure the same thing can be done for the Tax Court opinions. I just haven't done it.)

For those using Thunderbird with the RSS reader installed, adding these feeds, you can have a permanent list with links to all of the Indiana appellate decisions--and the list will be viewable either by date or case name. No more need for the courts' archives. (Hmmm . . . Now there's a thought I had not had: create feeds out of the archives as well. Have to give it a try.)

Of course, you can save yourself the muss and fuss, if you want to, simply by grabbing Marcia Oddi's Indiana Law Blog. She doesn't just give you the links, but quotes and commentary as well.

I wouldn't miss the ILB for anything, but I also like having the raw links and case names dumped as they come out into Thunderbird and GreatNews. (GreatNews may be primitive: but it's simple and portable.)

So much for my tech contribution for the day.

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Marcia Oddi said...


This is great! Please tell me how often the court sites are checked.