Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Supreme Court & Court of Appeals Judges Resign!??!

After issuing a spate of opinions today, all of the Supreme Court Justices and Court of Appeals Judges resigned en masse without comment.

After making some calls, I have learned that part of the deal to get Tom Crean to leave Marquette for Indiana was jobs for his assistant coaches. The assistant coaches will fill all the spots available on the Court of Appeals. There are 15 of those, so some trainers will take up the additional empty slots.

Because some of the Marquette players want to follow Crean and will have to sit out a year to do so, they will be taking Supreme Court seats. If there are still openings on the Supreme Court to fill, some student managers have agreed to transfer to IU and serve on the Supreme Court as additional work-study.

There's a rumor that if Northwestern wants a new coach, the 7th Circuit is similarly willing make room.

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