Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My Return to the Blogosphere

I'm back--if anyone is still out there after the blog lights have been out so long--after two plus weeks coping (pretty well, actually) with Alex's four-year old sense and sensibilities. I think the only thing I couldn't really handle was the series of lego space ships that were so fragilely constructed that they would disintigrate at first flight. And then they had to be put back together EXACTLY as they were before the catastrophe. Now, Alex couldn't do that himself. But he did know, he claimed, if a single piece was out of place. And there were ALWAYS pieces out of place.

OK. Back to it. So much to write about. And the November 10th Blakely showdown in the Indiana Supreme Court is fast approaching. Maybe by week's end I'll be something like current--but only "something like."

Go Sox.

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