Thursday, April 21, 2005

My first and last attempt to do the news . . .

With the Indiana Law Blog in its final lap, I thought I'd try to do the news. As will appear, it's a plainly rookie attempt--but maybe with some interesting stuff.

Here is some reporting on the execution of Bill Benefiel last night:

Merrillville Post-Tribune: Protesters Keep Execution Vigil

Lafayette Courier & Journal: Inmate Executed (AP)

Evansville Courier Press: Governer Daniels is "Ambivalent" about the Death Penalty

Not a word about the execution in the Bloomington paper, or about the band of about a dozen protesters on the courthouse steps last night.

Here's the latest on the reprosecution of David Camm from the Louisville Courier-Journal. (Questioning of a man who sold Boney a gun.)

From Merrillville, The Post-Tribune reports a very sad and puzzling story about a mentally retarded 24-year old woman being held on $25,000 bond for attacking her grandmother.

On Daylight Savings Time:

DST is having trouble in the General Assembly. (Muncie) (Amen, I say. Who needs it?)

"Zero Hour" for DST (Louisville)

Compromise Sought (AP) (Evansville)

From Monticello:

In this report in the Herald Journal, White, Pulaski, Cass, and Carroll Counties get $228,000 Criminal Justice Institute grant for a joint drug task force. (I have to look into what the CJI is supposed to be doing. I thought it was supposed to be more or less neutral as between the prosecutors and the defenders.)

From Fort Wayne

In this story from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, in the next 25 years, Indiana is expected to slip from 14th in population to 18th.

The FWJG has this story about the Governor meeting with (mostly Republican) members of various city councils--a violation of the Open Door Law or, as Governor Daniels asserts, just a "caucus."

From the FWJG I also picked up a neat link I didn't know about to audio and video of the General Assembly, House and Senate. I'll have to give it a whirl in my copious spare time.

From Richmond, The Paladium-Item reports here that the Earlham student who pied William Krystol has been charged with misdemeanor battery. (Seems extreme to me. If Krystol were upset enough, he'd have a slam dunk civil suit, and a lawyer to take the case on a contingency fee. I guess the First Amendment permits students to ask Justice Scalia if he sodomizes his wife without fear of prosecution.)

From the Evansville Courier Press, a story that Todd Rokita, the Secretary of State, wants to make Indiana the sixth state to require picture ID's to vote.

And, finally, again fromt the Lafayette Journal & Courier, a great guest column, having nothing to do with law, on the new food pyramid: "
I don't wish to frighten you but according to news stories medical science has identified the following foods that will kill you; meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs and maybe bread. . . ."

Trying out the news has been educational, but there's no way I can keep this up. And I didn't even look at the Indy Star.

I'm going back to
Blakely and the courts.

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