Thursday, April 21, 2005

No More Indiana Law Blog? . . .Say it ain't so, Marcia.

I am shocked and saddened to read in this post that Marcia Oddi is shutting down the Indiana Law Blog in something like a week. Who'd have thunk it with the recent move of the blog to better digital digs?

But I know how much time it must take her to do the amazing work she does, as she says, almost every day without a miss. Cutting, pasting, editing, linking, posting and, before doing any of that, reading, culling, and collecting.

None of us doing blogging on Indiana law can replace her individually. But maybe the other blogs dealing with Indiana law (there will always be only one Indiana Law Blog) can collectively cover most of the territory. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

I am going to commit myself to filling in with the weekly transfer lists. (Now I just need to find out how to get them. Please tell me I don't have to drive to Indianapolis every Friday.)

Any chance, Marcia, you're going to say, "Just kidding"?

If not, thanks for all the help keeping track. And just for all the help.

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