Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A word from the ghost in the machine . . .

I have to apologize to anyone who is getting my posts as RSS feeds. If you receive a post that looks like gibberish, at least as a matter of format, then I can only suggest that you visit the page a short time later. I'm experimenting with methods of posting. (Maybe I need to seek professional help.) The last experiment with Bloggar was a disaster. And I usually have to go in after posting and clean up things that didn't come out right the first time.

I was using NVU. I've been trying FrontPage. The Wysiwig HTML editors all seem to paste diferrently into posts, with the differences having their own differences based on the browser I'm using at the moment. (Anyone who has not tried FireFox should. It is amazing, once you start adding the little doo-dads they call "extensions." The things you can do to tabs and bookmark behavior alone make the move to FF something worth considering. And for those rare times you just have to use IE, there's an extension to put "View this page in IE" in the right-click context menu.)

'Nuff technical stuff. I'm not a tech geek. I know just enough to be very dangerous. (That Bloggar post of a few moments ago not only came out terribly, it changed the font-size for the title are and sidebars. Don't ask me how.)

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